Agreement between publisher and Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions allows You to access our Affiliate Program. You can find the content of terms and conditions ("Agreement") below. Please read through the agreement thoroughly. Upon registrationin system You confirm that you have read the agreement, understand it and oblige to observe it. Ignorance of the agreement is no excuse.

I. Eligible Site(s) holds right to block any site with suspicious or low quality content without giving a reason or given notice.
It is strictly forbidden to place ads on sites:
a) Violating laws,
b) Violating copyright,
c) Breaching rights of ethnic groups (racist, Nazi or otherwise hatefully oriented sites),
d) Spreading hatred (racial, political, religions etc.),
e) Containing adult material (vulgarisms, pornography etc.),
f) Abetting violation of laws,
g) Promoted via illegal methods (for example spam),
h) Inciting clicking on ad banners,
i) „Under construction“ or incomplete sites,
j) With extremely low traffic,
k) Otherwise unsuitable,
l) With low quality traffic,
m) With low click-rate,
n) With low conversion rate.

In the event of placing ads on such types of sites, holds the right to immediately block given site and publisher account, removing the entitlement to any compensation for damage incurred to the publisher.

II. Fraudulent Impressions/Clicks

Any artificial and/or fraudulent acquisition of displays and clicks on banners is strictly forbidden
The following actions are considered grave violations of publisher agreement:
a) Masking ads for a different web site content,
b) getting impressions and clicks on banners through computer programs – „bots“,
c) inducing site visitors to click on banners,
d) automatic user redirection,
e) altering the code generated with system,
f) placing more than 3 banners on a single site,
g) lacing more than 1 banner of the same size on a single site,
h) other artificial and/or fraudulent acquisition of impressions and clicks on banners.
In the event of violation of these articles of publisher agreement, holds the right to immediately, without prior notice, block given publisher account, removing the entitlement to any compensation for damage incurred to the publisher.

III.´s Rights and Obligations

a) holds no responsibility for the content of sites where banners are displayed. cannot influence content of these sites.
b) is the only entity responsible for the content of site.
c) holds the right to block any site or publisher account in the event of violation of, or suspected violation of terms of usem, without giving a reason and notice.
d) has the right to postpone commission or to not pay out the commission to publisher who has violated the publisher agreement or who is suspicious of publisher agreement violation.
e) holds the right to request an invoice from any publisher who requested payment, and postpone the payment until the receipt of the invoice from the publisher.

IV. Publisher´s Rights and Obligations

a) Publisher holds the right to use services free of charge.
b) Publisher holds the right to terminate service usage anytime, without giving a reason, and without sanctions.
c) Publisher is responsible for site content where ads are being displayed.
d) Publisher does not hold the right to get payments in case of publisher agreement violation or when the supicion of publisher agreement violation exists.
e) Publisher has the responsibility for paying taxes and other actions related to use of and laws of the country the publisher is from. 
f) On request, the publisher is obliged to provide the invoice to every payment request within 3 working days from the request.
g) Publisher is obliged to conform to this publisher agreement.
h) Publisher undertakes to accept any sanctions in the event of violation of the agreement. 

V. Exclusivity

Together with ads, the publisher is allowed to use ads of any other advertising system other than advertising systems showing the ads with illegal or adult content.

VI. Statistics and Reports

All earnings information included in statistical overviews are only informational and may be modified if necessary. 

VII. Payments

Publisher gets a commission based on approved payment request sent in publisher´s user panel.
All payment requests are processed within 200 work days from the day of request, but usually within a few hours.
Minimum value of commission for ad display, which is appropriate for payment, is $5.00 USD.
Minimum value of provision from affiliate account is $1.00 USD.
Payments are send out (if not agreed otherwise with publisher) through payment system.
Charges associated with commission payment may be deducted from the payment value.
In case the publisher is unable to receive a payment through, the payment can be sent via bank wire transfer to his/her account.
At request, the publisher is obliged to provide the invoice to every request of payment.

VIII. Compensation

Publisher agrees to compensate, its staff, managers, partners and owners in case of violation of the agreement or in case of the damage for resulting from violation of the agreement by publisher. Publisher undertakes to reimburse all the losses of profit, fines, claims, court fees, fees associated with legal representation and all other costs emerged for resulting from violation of publisher agreement by the publisher.

IX. Confidentiality agrees to maintain confidentiality of, and shall not publicly disclose, any information related to publisher and his/her earnings, unless it is required by law.
Not nor its staff shall not publish any messages, e-mails, notes and other documents of the publisher.
Publisher agrees to maintain confidentiality of all the informations and e-mails aimed exclusively to the publisher.

X. Term of Agreement and Termination

If the Publisher is not satisfied with services or any article of the publisher agreement, the only choice is to delete the publisher account, where the publisher may ask us to perform it by e-mail.
This agreement shall enter into force upon clickin on „SIGNUP“ button on and it is valid until publisher account deletion or blocking. hold the right to terminate the validity of the agreement with blocking or deletion of publisher account anytime, without giving a reason.

XI. General

The parties agreed that the agreement shall be governed by specific laws and regulations of European Union, and in case of a dispute the solution process takes place in the country and the court selected by staff or owners.

The parties are independent suppliers with no partnership or employment relationship between them. 

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